High School Musical

  • Name High School Musical
  • Category Cocktails, Mixers and Drinks

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3 Flavors An All Star Line Up

High School Musical juices are availables in 6 pscks with a colorful shrink-wrap “billboard” that attracts attention with bold graphics ol the popular characters, and that highlights the under the cap prizes for a “buy me now” urgency.

East High Fruit Punch

• One of the most papular all-time kid’s beverage flavors
• Label featuring East High’s resident drama queen and Wildcats co-captain
• Appealing graphics that highlight Sharpay and Chad

Big Game Lemon Berry

• A very contemporary taste combination that is part and refreshing
• Expand the catagory flavor options
• Eye-catching label design featuring Troy and Chad

Reach For Melon Peach

• Quenches thirst with a tropical twist
• Fun label design with Gabriella and Troy
• All 3 flavors make every package a potential winner

Item Description Case Qty Weight UPS
84001 East High Fruit Punch 4/6 – pks 8 oz 074806 840016
84002 Big Game Lemon Berry 4/6 – pks 8 oz 074806 840023
84003 Reach For Melon Peach 4/6 – pks 8 oz 074806 840030